Allods Online introduces battle training with its next patch

Sadly, I was hoping for actual trains.

You don’t have a permanent Arena team or the most solid possible grasp of raid mechanics in Allods Online. That’s not pleasant, is it? This sounds like a problem for training. The game’s 7.0.2 update will allow players to enter into specialized training scenarios to improve your skills with almost no reward whatsoever; they’re just there for players to see if they are, in fact, any good, and if not, to become good.

Dominion training can be held any night other than Wednesday, with no rewards provided to players other than a simple training scenario apart from the actual event itself. Arena training, on the other hand, does provide a small reward of 25 combat emblems so that players can get a little bit of a reward for queueing with others in training. Still, in both cases what you’re really gaining is experience and practice which you can hopefully use to be even better in the future.


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