Chris Roberts interviews shed light on Star Citizen launch, ambition, and CitizenCon


Gamers Nexus has a lengthy set of video interviews out covering Star Citizen this week. CIG’s Chris Roberts touches on alpha 3.0, which he says “will feel like a full game, or a complete game, because you’ll be able to go between locations, buy and sell stuff, earn money, do all the things you normally would do in something like a Privateer or a Freelancer. That’s the first step to the Persistent Universe getting fully fleshed-out.” He also dishes on procedural planet generation, biomes, Star Engine, the return of attention to Arena Commander, and the launch itself, which he says will only be one more road marker along the road of incremental, multi-year updates.

My favorite quote? “It’s not even ‘best damn space sim’ anymore, it’s ‘best damn everything sim,'” Roberts admits, acknowledging in one breath the expansive ambition of the game.

Of note, Roberts says that CitizenCon — just two weeks away now — will reveal more about Alpha 3.0 and show off a “homestead demo” built specifically to show off multiple Earth-like biomes.

Source: Gamers Nexus articles #1 and #2, videos #1 and #2, via Reddit

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