Revelation Online delivers the skinny on gear


If it’s an MMO, it’s going to have gear. And if there’s gear, then it’s going to have stats. And if there are stats, then you are going to want the very best of them in the most pleasing of colors.

Revelation Online isn’t out to break the mold when it comes to armor and weapons in online games, that’s for sure. In a new dev post, potential players are given the low-down on what carrots they will be chasing in the game.

Each class will share an armor category with one other class while having its own unique (and dedicated) weapon type. The interesting twist here is that gear stats aren’t static; gear can be improved by dumping resources into them or even rerolling stats on crafted items.

Revelation Online offers flexibility in that the resources needed to boost gear can be obtained in different ways — in dungeons or in the open world, through completing quests or by buying with reputation or currency,” the team said.


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