Slay your enemies with their own limbs when Skyforge’s Ascension patch drops October 19


Don’t call it an NGE, but when Skyforge’s Ascension patch is live next month, it’s bringing sweeping, casual-friendly change to the game. We’ve previously covered’s plans for the game’s equipment system, new boss, invasion mechanics, MOBA-like PvP mode, order system, campaign progression map, and character development. An Outlaw-themed collector’s edition will also grant players access to that new class when the patch is live. Calling it massive is no exaggeration.

And as of today, we know exactly when that expansion will land: October 19th. In fact, the pre-patch is expected to go live on October 5th. A dev blog out today details the studio’s strategy for making Skyforge’s combat more dynamic. The studio says it’s adjusting class skills to add “intensity” and is updating monster AI, but the big news is a bit more grisly: body parts as weapons!

“Select gear, chunks of armor, or pieces of your enemies’ bodies and turn them into a dangerous weapon! How about snatching up a pair of poisonous triffid stems and whipping an unruly druid with them? Each selected item can only be used a few times, but the strength of the attacks is simply amazing! The selected weapons differ in type and can be used for protection or rapid attacks against single or multiple enemies. Picked up a Khelp’s claw? Excellent! Use it as you will, its previous owner can no longer object. Perform a few powerful strikes and, when you’ve had enough, throw it at your unsuspecting enemies. By the way, as well as claws, you can hurl guns, staves, whips, grenades, mines and so on. Some alien toys can give you a boost for a short period of time, so do not be too quick to throw them away!”


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