You can’t get raid quest items from LFR in World of Warcraft: Legion

Do you ever feel like we, as a group, are collectively trying too hard?

The lack of a queue option for Mythic dungeons in World of Warcraft hasn’t sat well with many people, but it appears that’s not all you’re locked out of if you prefer to queue for your content. While the first wing of the Emerald Nightmare has opened on the Raid Finder difficulty, the quest items for “Essence of Power” and “In Nightmares” apparently cannot be completed below Normal difficulty. In other words, if you want the corresponding artifact appearance, better find a raid group.

This is a departure from previous expansions, which have allowed all raid-tier quests to be completed in LFR difficulty so long as participants are on the relevant quests. No explanation has been offered yet, although players are already up in arms; Blizzard has stated that the descriptions for these quests will be changed in the future to reflect this restriction.

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