Albion Online’s ‘Elaine’ patch brings new biome and faction to beta


Albion Online might still be working its way through its final beta phase, but that hasn’t stopped it from working on a content release. In fact, that content release, dubbed Elaine, is live as of today and introduces the highlands biome and its Keeper faction.

“The content update gives players access to the highlands, a whole new biome with sprawling plateaus, streams and waterfalls to explore. But this beautiful new landscape doesn’t just offer a new look – it is also the home of the Keepers, the ancient race of giant humans returning to Albion thanks to Elaine. And of course with the Keepers come never-before-seen Keeper Artifact Items. Add the 21 brand new Hell Artifact Items, which are also part of the Elaine Update, and you get a total of 28 new powerful, unique Artifact Items ready to be crafted by players. In addition to The Highlands, the return of the Keepers and the new items, Elaine also introduces a number of other fixes and changes to the game, like more appropriate creatures for the swamp biome, to further improve on the rich feeling and rewarding gameplay of Albion Online.”

Source: Press release, official site
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