Riding Club Championships brings you into the world of online horse competitions


Let’s face it: Horses are downright expensive in real life to acquire, maintain, and train for professional championships. There is no doubt that you would have your own purebred filly save for your financial limitations and inability to approach a horse without screaming in panic.

Fortunately, there’s another way to get that equine fix, which is by downloading a free copy of Riding Club Championships. This online game, which released this week on Steam, focuses on competitive show performances, including jumping, racing, and something called “pole bending.”

Riding Club Championships promise more than just barebones PvP action. Horses need to be acquired, bred, trained, and leveled up while going on quests and participating in the weekly tournament. You can also take part in RCC’s “multiple chat rooms” to jaw with others about your mutual love for these majestic, terrible creatures.

Source: Steam. Thanks Armsbend!

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