Shroud of the Avatar’s R34 delivers Halloween, culinary utility, and /pukeblood


Release 34 has launched for¬†Shroud of the Avatar players as of this morning along with a large balance and polish pass for both the game’s combat and its economy. Here’s what else players can expect today:

  • Halloween is on the way! There’s a spooky new house template, new ruins, emotes, and housing deco, plus seasonal soundtrack cylinders to play in-game. What game doesn’t need a “/pukeblood” emote?
  • Crafters, you’re getting 45 new recipes and bone armor, plus food is now relevant in the game.
  • The Path of Love got more love, mainly in the form of improvements to the Necropolis and the city of Ardoris, though the devs say both still aren’t finished. “The Tower of the Shuttered Eye and Malice both need overhauls and Spite needs major polish,” they write. “All of those will get tackled in Q4.”

The offline economy patch and teachable recipes won’t make it in the patch — the former because of engine upgrades, the latter because of “architectural changes to inventory.” Roving encounters were also pushed off to October’s release 35.¬†Portalarium has already laid out what’s in store for players through the rest of the year, culminating in release 37 just before Christmas.

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie will be streaming from inside the update tonight at 5 p.m. EDT, so tune in for a walkthrough!


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