AdventureQuest 3D shares team projects, 360-degree box art


Ever wonder what each member of an MMO development team is doing? With AdventureQuest 3D, you won’t be kept in the dark; a new post on the site listed all of the small team’s members and what projects each one is currently tackling. “Keep in mind, that we’re a very small team with a very big project, so everyone here is always doing the work of two or three people,” the team explained. “What you see here won’t be everything.”

In other AQ3D news, a new, if relatively unexciting, patch just went live. “This [patch] uses the newest version of Unity with the updated lighting system and includes a dozen critical bug fixes,” the team said.

The team also revealed the game’s box art in a unique way: as a 360-degree painting. Novelty? To be sure, but why be a geek if you can’t have some fun along the way?


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