Dragon’s Dogma Online may be headed to the West eventually

A dragon's dog, Ma.

At this point, there are no announced plans to bring Dragon’s Dogma Online to Western audiences, something that no doubt makes aforementioned Western audiences rather sad. But there is hope. While the game faced difficulties getting off the ground because of an inexperienced team, the development team has stated in the latest annual report from Capcom that they would like to bring the game overseas once it has a solid foundation to work from.

Those players already enjoying the game, either because they’re currently living in Japan or just muddling through the Japanese version of the game, can look forward to a crossover with Persona 5 starting on October 15th. No, the outfits don’t really sync up with the game’s setting, but when you’re given the gift of a Persona crossover, you don’t question the details of how this bounty has arrived in your life. Check out the trailer just below.

Source: MMO Culture, WCCFTech

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