The MOP Up: The Black Death’s knights vs. outlaws (October 2, 2016)


The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week knights and outlaws squared off in The Black Death. We’ve got that plus stories and videos from Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny, Master X Master, World of Warcraft, and more, all waiting for you after the break!


New Games and Testing


  • Rappelz: The latest update, Epic 9.4: The Expedition, delivered a new dungeon area, seven additional bosses, and the Blue-eye weapons set. [Source: press release]
  • Pocket Maplestory: The powerful Blaze Wizard has migrated from the original game into this mobile version with the most recent update! [Source: press release]
  • Path of Exile: The team is giving players the heads-up that 3.0 will streamline progression down to 10 acts in order to get players to the endgame at a reasonable rate. Also, you can take a peek of what’s inside the game’s latest “mystery boxes.”
  • Aurcus Online: This mobile MMO received an update gracing it with a new zone, achievement sytem, a level cap increase, and the third part of its continuing guild mission. [Source: press release]
  • Continent of the Ninth Seal: Raebin adventurers are invited to tackle the new Eternal Spring of Endor dungeon and snag some of the ultimate rare weapons found in this patch. [Source: press release]
  • Final Fantasy XI: Patch notes for the October 11th update are out, and they mention plans to add a new alter ego (via quest) and some quality-of-life adjustments to Voidwatch.
  • H1Z1: There’s a “strange zombie” in the most recent patch. What could it be?


Odds and Ends


Get a look at Elsword Online’s new Transcendence update with this patch trailer:

Check out the fancy — and powerful — bladework of Kwang, Paragon’s newest champion:

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