Bless Online Russian closed beta begins October 25


Are you in Russia? If so, your English reading comprehension is really great if you’re here browsing Massively OP! In any case, we have some good news for you: Bless Online is preparing to launch its closed beta test in your country on October 25th.

The game is being handled by 101XP in Russia, and Steparu postulates that Bless will operate with an IP block as it’s being rolled out in other regions by different companies. 101XP advises that fans stay tuned for more information about the closed beta test, including a schedule of events and ways to obtain a key.

Not in Russia? The rest of this post is for you too! There are a pair of gorgeous trailers that you have to check out below to whet your appetite for when (if?) Bless arrives in your region.

Source: Bless Online, Steparu. Thanks!
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