Hyper Universe is a bizarre side-scrolling MOBA infused with pop culture icons


Think you’ve seen everything that the MOBA space has to offer? Nexon might like to differ, as it’s whipping up a strange and potentially thrilling combination of twists with Hyper Universe.

While retaining the overall MOBA format of launching two teams against each other, Hyper Universe takes place in a multi-tiered side-scrolling sci-fi environment. Even more bizarre is the inclusion of an assortment of thinly veiled pop culture figures, including the Power Rangers, Bruce Lee, Transformers, and Kid Icarus. On second thought, cross-franchise MOBA mash-ups are becoming a trend if you look at Heroes of the Storm and Master X Master.

If you need to see to believe the awesome power that’s inside of Hyper Universe, there’s a mess of videos after the jump!


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