Rumor: Possible Guild Wars 2 leak teases future content destination


An image that may show a map where Guild Wars 2 players might be headed in a future update for the game has been circulating on Reddit today.

We’ll be tucking the whole thing behind spoiler code in case you really do not want to know. Read on if you do.

Click to reveal rumor and possible spoiler.
The image appears to show a player in a never-before desert region that some Redditors believe to be Amnoon Oasis, a Crystal Desert zone from classic Guild Wars that is a plausible destination in Guild Wars 2, particularly given the existing map and the willingness of ArenaNet to pull in nostalgic zones in the recent Rising Flames update. Or maybe it’s a mean prank. We don’t know yet.

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Regarding the provenance of the image, Reddit user AgentAsterisk wrote, “[I]n case anyone wants to start seriously getting into the tinfoil hat club, the account that often posts supposed Expac2 leaks in this sub actually PMed me this image about 20 minutes before it hit the sub 15 minutes before it was posted in Lion’s Arch chat today as evidence of his or her authenticity. I was in the middle of asking questions when this comment was posted and the user deleted their account, which had been around for at least a month or two. In our conversation, the account claimed to have been in some GW2 alpha testing group and was sharing because he/she had been removed as a tester. When I asked about the NDA, they said the only punishment for leaks was to be removed from testing. I have no way of verifying this. I don’t know that this person was actually the originator of the alleged leaked image or was just blowing smoke. If the image was uploaded to Imgur two weeks ago, who knows.”

As always, we caution readers that this is just a rumor, but it’d be pretty damn exciting if true.

Source: Reddit. Thanks for the tip, Zandog!
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