TERA’s Civil Unrest causes actual unrest when it fails to function

This is not heading in a positive direction, in other words.
One of the big centerpiece features of TERA‘s most recent patch was the Civil Unrest event, with players teaming up to take on other players over elaborate battlegrounds. It’s a pretty cool idea, and the only real downside is the fact that it does not appear to be working. At all. The most recent official post on the issue almost audibly conveys the frustration of not understanding why in the world it isn’t working, with the event working fine on test but not on live servers for reasons the staff can’t fathom.

The current proposed workaround is to hold the event at a time when staff members are in the office and able to troubleshoot, although several forum members are in the “be very angry” phase rather than the “talk about realistic solutions” phase. It’s frustrating for players and staff alike, as there’s no clear indication of what’s not working, but it seems that the promise of bringing civil unrest to the game was more prophetic than intended.


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