Thug life brawler SMASH+GRAB has launched into Steam early access


The last time I was all about that thug life was probably City of Heroes, whose bank robbery missions literally awarded experience for smashing the hell out of Paragon City and justified City of Villains all by themselves. Holy crap was it fun. And that’s exactly the gameplay that a new entry on Steam is evoking, with a side of small-scale, MOBA-ish PvP: It’s called SMASH+GRAB, a name that violates multiple style rules all on its own. You know, like a thug.

Released to Steam’s early access program last week, SMASH+GRAB is an online multiplayer PvP brawler described as an “underground competition where gangs of the future battle it out for loot, weapons, and infamy inside a corporate urban dystopia.” The game is currently on sale on Steam for $16.99 US; developer United Front Games says early access is expected to run for half a year.

“The Early Access version has 2 maps and modes, 7 playable Leaders, 13 Lieutenants, 20 different stores and vending machines to smash, and 12 base weapons with 18 weapon mods,” writes the studio. “In addition, the Leaders and Lieutenants are customizable with a base set of vanity items and perks. (And, more Leaders and Lieutenants will arrive in the weeks after our Early Access launch!) During Early Access we will continue to improve gameplay and game balance, and expand the game’s content and features. As well, we will work on hardware compatibility, networking features, optimization and, of course, bugs.”

Source: Steam