Global Chat: The MMORPG blogosphere reacts to Amazon’s New World announcement


Judging by the number and passion of comments posted on the announcement of Amazon Game Studios’ new MMORPG, a lot of you have no shortage of opinions and thoughts on New World.

The announcement wasn’t completely unforeseen, although there was a huge shadow of doubt that it would actually turn into an MMO. A multiplayer survival sandbox or MOBA more likely. Instead, AGS revealed that it is indeed working on a “massively multiplayer open-ended sandbox” set in an alternate version of 17th century Americas where supernatural terrors abound.

Just as opinions are flying fast and furious about New World here on Massively OP — some excited, some fearful, some hesitant — so too is the conversation about this new title spreading across the MMO blogosphere. In this special edition of Global Chat, we’ll be rounding up impressions and analysis from passionate MMO players and writers on this major announcement.


The Hybrid Journal: New game masters

“Of course, details are few, so we don’t know how this is integrated into the game, and of course, we’re jaded. We’re in our 10th year of broken/misunderstood promises and few innovations, of playing basically the same game over and over — so I won’t get hyped for a game all I know about can be summarized in one paragraph. Still interesting, though.”

Endgame Viable: Amazon’s New World reveal

“This game sounds like it’s being built from the ground up by a big corporation board room who decided that they needed a way to increase the amount of original content on their streaming platform.”

MMO Gypsy: So Amazon is making an MMORPG

“Internet retail giant or not, I was more than a little stunned to hear Amazon chose to take on the plague that is MMOs for their debut in video game development. Haven’t they heard there’s no money in MMOs these days — or do they know something we don’t?”

Healing the Masses: Amazon reveal and thoughts

“And then there is New World, and my hype meter just exploded. We have a sandbox game, with supernatural elements being developed by a large studio, with a lot of talent and resources which is everything many of these smaller sandbox titles have needed to be great.”

Inventory Full: Revelation of a New World

“I can’t see much point getting hyped up or riled up. Yet. Let’s wait at least until there’s… something. At least the setting, one of the very few elements that has both been announced and is extremely unlikely to change, sounds promising. The elevator pitch would seem to be The Secret World in Colonial America.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: Amazon’s New World

“Of course, tossing in the word ‘sandbox’ got an audible sigh from me as well, as it is also a favored term of late and seems to mean something like, ‘We’re not going to completely copy World of Warcraft.'”

Just for Crits: Amazon announces New World MMO

“There is no guarantee this gets to market in anything resembling the state of an MMO. Blizzard’s Titan is now Overwatch and all we ever saw of SOE/Daybreak’s EverQuest Next was Landmark. These are not exactly halcyon days when it comes to MMO development.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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