Massively multiplayer mech shooter Antraxx seeks $33K on Kickstarter


If you’re a fan of robots and can handle pixel graphics, point your eyeballs at Antraxx, which bills itself as a next-gen, massively multiplayer online, arcade-esque mech shooter inspired by Front Mission, Metal Slug, and the SNES Battletech era. The game launched a Kickstarter this week seeking $33,604 US with stretch goals reaching almost $140K. There’s already a demo boasting 1500 players to date and “years of fine tuning.”

“To fully realise this dream we need financial support,” write the two devs behind Team Antraxx. “We’ve had talks with multiple publishers, but we don’t really want to go down that route. We want this project to be an ever evolving world. Antraxx is not just one game, its a universe, a franchise and hopefully a legacy.”

The final game will be buy-to-play, with no mandatory sub and no microtransactions. Team Antraxx also included a budget breakdown, an early access plan, and a promise for “full transparency in regards to the development process, delays and issues.”


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