SamuTale brings out a horse-filled update for closed alpha

Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous teevee show.

If you bought a founder’s pack for SamuTale, you could have been already playing in the game’s closed alpha… but you couldn’t have done so on a horse. And really, who could bear to live such a sad, horseless existence? Nobody. Nobody in the world. So take heart that the game’s most recent update adds in horses, allowing founder’s pack owners to grab their own personal horses and new horses from a horse vendor. It’s horses all the way down now.

There are two major things to consider when owning a horse, however. First of all, horses remain around even when you’re offline, so you’ll want a settlement with an enclosure to keep the horse safe; otherwise, people can just walk up and steal or kill your horse. (And you can do the same to others who do not heed this fact, because hey, free horse.) The other element to consider is that horses like to eat food, so you’ll want to get horse feed. And yes, your horse can also go hungry and starve if you’re offline and forget to feed it. It’s almost like owning a real horse!

Source: Official Site; thanks to Two Tridents for the tip!

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