Scare your friends to death in Funcom’s Hide and Shriek


What’s Halloween without a little mischief and prank-pulling? Funcom is getting into the fun of the holiday with the imminent release of a new game, Hide and Shriek. In this title, two players will attempt to scare each other to death by setting up traps and tricks in a creepy high school.

Hide and Shriek will play out in ten-minute matches in which competing players explore Little Springs High School, setting up nasty surprises for the other to discover. Both players are invisible unless revealed through the traps, which means that they could be anywhere — even right next to you. Players can use 30 traps during the game and even wear scary mask versions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to shock their foes. There is no release date posted other than “October 2016.”

The game looks like it hasĀ a connection to The Secret World: In one of its screenshots, a computer with the Anansi Technologies logo is shown, which is a fictional company that resides in the MMO. You can get a brief peek at Hide and Shriek in the teaser trailer after the jump.

Source: Steam