Wild Terra plans PvP and skill revamp ahead of December 1 early access launch

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Indie sandbox Wild Terra has a Steam early access launch date: December 1st.

The devs behind the “massively multiplayer life simulator” told players today that in the next two months, they are focusing on specific goals: a rework of the taming skills, including lasso, trap, and stables mechanics; major skill additions, including agriculture, pottery, weaving, and gathering; and meta perks, like custom servers, achievements, and Steam swag. The PvP system is “one of the most priority tasks” and “will be COMPLETELY reworked,” they write.

The final release is still expected toward the end of 2017. “At the moment, the active development of the game still continues, it’s an ongoing process of adding new features and adjustments of things that are already done,” says Juvty Worlds. “Once we understand that all we wanted is implemented, fixed and perfectly finished, Wild Terra will come out of the Early Access. But the development won’t end there, after the release we will continue to develop and add new content to our game.”

Source: Steam

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