BioWare strikes hard against SWTOR credit sellers and spammers

According to BioWare, the studio has moved hard against Star Wars: The Old Republic credit sellers and spammers this week, banning “thousands” of accounts and making the game more secure for players.

The studio posted a notice this morning informing the community that it had performed a “large takedown” of credit sellers and closed a loophole that allowed shady operators to bombard vulnerable players with in-game mail. BioWare only gave a broad outline of this week’s actions, saying that it didn’t want to inform the bad guys as to which tactics and techniques it was using to combat these elements.

You can read the full post after the break.

As you may know from previous posts on the topic, when it comes to credit sellers we will often do a large takedown at one time. This allows us to have the largest impact on the credit sellers without them being able to react. Today was one of those instances.

With today’s maintenance we acted on a few different initiatives to help curb the in-game chat and mail spam of credit sellers. Some examples of what was done today include:


Banning of thousands of credit selling accounts.


Closing a loophole in an existing promotion, that allowed credit sellers to quickly and easily make accounts which could send you in-game mail and access the fleet.


Made adjustments to some existing automated functions to better catch credit sellers.


And more… (we don’t want to reveal everything we are doing to the credit sellers )

Keep in mind that when it comes to catching credit sellers, as we make adjustments, so do they. It is a constant game of cat and mouse, but it is one that we will continue to focus on aggressively. For this reason, it is important that you continue to always report these spammers and credit sellers as you see them. I know sometimes it seems like we aren’t taking action, but I promise that your reports are critical in our ability to find and take action against credit sellers.