Creativerse is an adorable early access voxel sandbox


Multiplayer voxelboxes are a dime a dozen these days, but some of them still manage to stand out. Creativerse certainly does that: While its landscapes are blocky, the characters themselves have a slightly more detailed though still stylized and cutesy look as they romp around on adventures and unlock materials for building. The game is currently in a free-to-play early access mode and has been since 2014; a $20 Creativerse Pro bundle includes multiple quality-of-life features, bigger inventory, and customization tools.

“We understand free-to-play has a bad reputation,” developer Playful wrote in its early access launch manifesto. “And rightly so — the model has been abused by many companies with in-game purchases that feel greedy. But we believe there’s a way to do it that won’t feel sleazy, that doesn’t limit how much you can play the game or get in the way of any fun you can have, but that also supports development and lets in the widest net of players into the game as possible. Our goal is to never make players feel “pushed” to make a purchase. […] We’re taking a stand *against* that type of design. We’re not interested in Pay to Play or Pay to Win. We’re not making a slot machine — we’re making a video game.”

Source: Steam
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