Edengrad’s newest additions may ‘bug’ you

Edengrad’s newest additions may ‘bug’ you

All wasteland adventurers must start somewhere, and if that somewhere is “beating up on giant mutant bugs,” then so be it. Do your duty and count your blessings that you won’t have half of your blood drained out during the night by a mondo mosquito.

Huge insects and spiders are only part of what post-apocalyptic Edengrad has been working on as of late. In a new developer diary, the team talks about the game’s graphical improvements, simultaneous dialogue with multiple NPCs, additional quest lines, and a more fleshed-out skill tree.

Oh, and apparently there’s now a war machine in the game: “We have started developing methods to wreak havoc. We have introduced the first war machine — a turret that will be capable of destroying defensive walls and buildings. In order to control it efficiently, two players will be required — one has to load shells and steer the barrel of the turret, while the second player takes care of shooting.”

We’ve got a pair of new videos after the break that show Edengrad’s recent battle tests. What do you think? Rough around the edges but shows promise?

Source: Edengrad. Thanks Babagra.pl!

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