Skyforge is cashing in its extensive currencies

What's it worth to you.

There are a lot of different currencies in Skyforge – so many that it’s easy to lose track of all of them, some of which you’re unlikely to use on anything approaching a regular basis. The game’s next major update is making a major consolidation pass over those currencies, reducing the many purchasing gewgaws players need down to just Credits and Knowledge of Enemies (and the microtransaction-based Argents). This has some pretty big impacts on the game as a whole, too; it also means removing weekly caps on currencies and rewards for pretty much everything.

Players will no longer be able to convert Argents and Credits freely, but there will be new ways for players to earn both Credits and Argents via play. Players will also be unable to purchase a premium subscription using Argents following the next patch due to these changes. Find out more details of how the currency shift will affect you within the detailed official rundown.

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