Warframe says The War Within is ‘more than a month away’

“Where are we now? What’s next? What’s going on? Where’s the last part of the update, ‘The War Within’? How much Bourbon has been consumed?”

These are the important questions posed by Digital Extremes’ Steve Sinclair, who then sets out to answer them on the official Warframe forums today. Sinclair says that the dev team is hoping to repeat the glory days of Second Dream and will release both The Vacuum Within and a new game mode called The Index on PC in October — the former coming this week. The War Within itself is “more than a month away,” with the console version lagging a bit behind.

“Once The War Within is out our crazy ‘break apart Updates’ to bring you content faster will be heavily analyzed to see what it achieved,” he vows. “Many of our content creators appreciated us breaking things up for coverage purposes, but even that isn’t enough to keep them around if the content itself didn’t hit the mark.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy!

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