Champions Online’s Shadow of Destruction is all about the endgame

Will Champions Online finish out 2016 with more patches than World of Warcraft? Maybe! Even if not, it’s made a valiant effort this year, culminating in today’s update, Shadow of Destruction, which isĀ all about you endgame superheroes.

“Shadow of Destruction brings us the Qliphothic Warzone, a new epic end-game zone set in an eerie otherworld where forces of evil plot the downfall of all creation. Content is designed for veteran level 40 players in teams of 2+ players, 6+ players and 20 players!”

PWE and Cryptic posted that players can expect 10 brand-new directed storyline missions, 15 new repeatable daily quests, four new open missions, and tons of new rewards. Head to Liaison Bradley in Millennium City and snag the quest called Hermes Revisited to get started.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Sp_Mira!

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