Heroes of the Storm appoints the blademaster Samuro to its roster


Heroes of the Storm will eventually spread to encompass every single character Blizzard has ever placed in a game, no matter how obscure. The most recent addition is Samuro, blademaster from the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne orc campaign and bringer of samurai-inspired trailers. His trailer is available below in glorious black-and-white, which will either confuse viewers or prompt smirks of satisfaction depending on how many old samurai movies you like to watch.

Even if you don’t care about old Japanese films, you can be excited about Samuro’s abilities. He’s a melee assassin, and his ability list reads almost like it comes straight out of the aforementioned Warcraft III, drifting in and out of stealth as he summons duplicates of himself to cut down unworthy targets. No release date for this hero has been set, although one may conclude he will arrive precisely when it is time for his blade to cut deep.