Overwatch has two new heroes in development and more character adjustments planned

All the new mistakes.

What’s next for Overwatch? Well, not a version of Symmetra that heals, that’s for darn sure. The latest video featuring director Jeff Kaplan covers a variety of topics and includes an enthusiastic statement that Symmetra will not turn around and start healing other players; she is, however, meant to get several tweaks to make her a more viable character all around. Those tweaks just won’t involve a direct heal.

Blizzard is also working on two new heroes for release in the game, one of which is already far along in the development phase; the video doesn’t reveal any details, although fan theories widely hold that the next hero will be the enigmatic character named Sombra. There are also new maps and game modes in development, although there’s no timeline on when any of these things will come to the game, if ever. Still, if you want a little snapshot of the present ongoing plans of the game, the video below will give you just that.

Source: YouTube via Polygon
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