How to progress from pauper to prince in the provinces of Dark & Light


Last week, when Snail Games rolled out a pack of landscape screenshots for its upcoming remaster of 10-year-old Dark and Light, commenters were skeptical at the lack of character models on display. “I want to see more than what flowers look like,” one of you wrote.

Welp, still no character models, but you’re definitely getting more than flowers today — you’re getting a bunch of pics of the towns and even a castle in the game world. The studio says it won’t be dumping you into the world, “naked and alone,” to fend for yourself; instead, you’ll begin in┬áthe shantytown of the city belonging to the faction you choose, moving up the ranks into better homes and positions as you play — even vying to become the lord of the town who’s responsible for its economic welfare and martial security. Cities also serve as hubs for certain dungeons and for trade. “In addition to trade, players can also invest in NPC shops to improve the quality of goods available in their city,” Snail says.

Enjoy the new pics!

Source: Press release

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