TERA’s next major update brings big changes for Sorcerers

The eternal sstruggle between man and naked.
The next major update for TERA is dubbed Spellbound, and it’s bringing two new dungeons and two new armor sets to go along with them. It’s also bringing some big changes to Sorcerers, which gives the update its name. If you’ve felt like your Sorcerer wasn’t quite bringing enough of the pain, you’ll be happy to see the changes, even above and beyond the several replaced, updated, or flat-out improved ability animations.

Meteor Strike replaces Fireblast and deals much more damage up front. Arcane Pulse will launch two separate pulses instead of one when fully charged. A new passive is available that increases the Sorcerer’s attack speed by 30% at all times. Frost Sphere replaces Ice Needle, with more damage and a bursting effect. And several abilities have new glyph combinations and the like, meaning that you’ll have ample opportunity to wreak magical devastation across the land. The Sorcerer changes won’t be the last element to preview, but they are the first.

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