Villagers & Heroes’ cross-platform Android version launches October 25


Villagers & Heroes is inching closer to its Android launch, Mad Otter’s Damon Slye told forumgoers yesterday in a state-of-the-game post — very close, in fact. The team plans to move from a UK and Scandinavia “soft launch” test phase into a full-blown worldwide launch for Android on October 25th.

First made public back in April, the mobile port for the MMORPG is more or less identical to the exising Steam-and-browser game, save for some necessary interface tweaks. It will indeed be cross-compatible with the PC version, and you can indeed use your existing account.

No Android? Good news for you too: Mad Otter is working on an iOS version for iPhone and iPad. Expect that “sometime in early 2017.”

Slye also mentions the team is working on replayability of content, improvements to the combat system, a new item and loot system, more high-level content, and a boosted level cap.


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