Be a man in Worlds Adrift


He may be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, but he’s been MIA in Worlds Adrift. Who? The man. Any man. Oftentimes, it’s the female avatar that is missing from a game, but in the case of Worlds Adrift, there were actually no male characters. That has now been remedied: Bossa Studios introduced the alternate gender in game this past week.

Devs noted that although all males have the same young face currently, there will be more variety when the game launches. And players won’t have to worry about losing their favorite look if they decide to swap genders; all of the outfits can be worn by both guys and gals — just not at the same time! Sorry, only one person in an outfit at a time. You might even find a new favorite as devs have designed more outfits. Check out the gallery to see some male models strut these new looks.



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