Multiplayer Wasteland 3 has already hit its $2.75M Fig crowdfunding goal


Wasteland 3, the latest sequel for classic RPG Wasteland and the first multiplayer edition in the series, has successfully reached its baseline crowdfunding goal of $2.75 million US on the relatively new Fig platform. It sits at $2.85 million and almost 15,000 backers as I type this, with 24 days to go, meaning that number will continue to creep upward, especially with PayPal donors merged into the tally.

“In little over three days we’ve achieved our goal of $2.75M, allowing us to make Wasteland 3 the ambitious sequel you deserve,” inXile’s Brian Fargo told backers over the weekend. “You are all amazing and we can’t thank you enough.”

The studio is plotting a series of stretch goals; at $3 million, the studio has promised at car companion, while at $3.1, backers can expect special Ranger Squad insignia.

Source: Fig
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