Rumor: Overwatch’s Sombra and a new PvE mode have been uncovered

The rumor, the danger, the threat, the horror.

Who is Sombra in Overwatch? In a way, you could say that we’re all Sombra, but that statement wouldn’t make any sense. A more accurate answer would be that Sombra is an upcoming hero who has been heavily teased and hinted at… and may have finally been revealed. A leak on Reddit posted a screenshot and text from what appeared to be internal documents at Blizzard revealing the hacker herself and an upcoming horde-style PvE mode (similar to gameplay found in games like Gears of War or Mass Effect 3 multiplayer).

Whether or not this is legitimate is a different story altogether; there’s been an ongoing ARG surrounding Sombra, and this could be just another layer of deception and misdirection. It also lines up with what has been said about both the character and the promise of new modes coming to the game, which makes it that much more ambiguous. Either way, it sounds as if some of this (including the PvE mode) would synchronize nicely with the rumored Halloween event… so keep your eyes on the shadows.

Source: VG24/7, Polygon

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