Skyforge simplifies Pantheons, pushes the Outlaw live


Skyforge’s simplification with Ascension continues. First it was operations, then currencies. Next up is Pantheons, which have gotten a once-over to both simplify them and to provide more benefits and boosts to commanders and regular players alike. The size of the bonus will depend on the Pantheon rank. What kind of bonus? For one, a top ranking Pantheon will add 10% to the damage and health points of each of its members.

As for simplification, Pantheons only have one stat now: rank. Players don’t have to spend any time managing the Pantheon Stronghold, collecting extra resources, distributing energy, or working with obelisks anymore. Instead, as a Pantheon’s rank increases, its capacity, access to the academy, and participation in Pantheon tournaments are unlocked. Pantheons can also establish a coat-of-arms and increase standing stat bonuses. To rank up a Pantheon, members will gather construction resources by completing Directives and by participating in competitive activities, then be able to vote on the upgrade once enough is accumulated for each rank.

In other Skyforge news today, the new Outlaw class is live¬†for players who’ve purchased the Outlaw collector’s edition upgrade or have unlocked it with the requisite 90K Knowledge of Enemies.


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