World of Warcraft is bringing in new fishing bobbers with patch 7.1

Under the water, carry the water.

World of Warcraft has decided on its primary competition: Any other video game featuring fishing. Sure, there may be some other game that’s out now which also purports to be worldwide and focusing almost exclusively on angling with a title to match, but does that game feature a new assortment of colorful fishing bobbers? Those have been mined out for patch 7.1 on the game’s test servers, and you can check those out in the video just below.

Other additions for the patch include new recipes for several professions (including more cosmetic glyphs for Inscription), a new Blood of Sargeras trader who offers various resources, and new visuals for the basic campfire. Check out all of the new bobbers just below, though, if your bit draw is more visual flair when you’re sitting on the dock in the bay.