Crowfall chats about the commanding power of chat commands

Slash heal.

Years of playing MMOs have no doubt left your slash key withered to a nub, scarcely fit for use except for the vitally useful slash command. It’s the reason you never ask questions; who would wear on that key further to make a question mark? Crowfall will not let your slash key rest, instead providing you with a healthy batch of slash commands to control the awe-inspiring power of the chat box.

Look, mock the chat box all you want; any designers who worked on Asheron’s Call 2 won’t be laughing.

Those of you who have played several MMOs will no doubt be familiar with most of the chat commands, although ownership of chat channels is a bit more restrictive than some other games provide. Still, you’d best take a gander if you want to be able to socialize effectively; you don’t want to accidentally type /fiend instead of /friend and mark another player as a blighted harbinger of man’s despair instead of someone whose company you kind of like.