The Daily Grind: Does your MMO playstyle track with your age and gender?

And now, it's party time.

Gaming research firm Quantic Foundry posted a new blog last week revealing the results of its surveys cross-referencing gender, age, and playstyle in video games. Among the 1266 gamers polled, the data are clear: The most popular playstyle is “cautious long-range.” Men and women responded more or less the same except on the “rushing in” playstyle category, which was embraced significantly more by men (as well as by younger players).

For me, which playstyle I follow depends a ton on the game. I prefer stealthy ranged pew-pew in The Elder Scrolls Online, for example, but I dislike casters so much in Guild Wars 2 that I’m a rusher-inner there for sure (give me a charge/leap in button and I’m good to go). I also think I’ve become slightly more impatient and more rushy as I’ve grown up — I was so much more timid when I first got into MMORPGs as a kid. Maybe I’m just now approaching equilibrium.

Do Quantic’s data match your own personal gaming experiences? Does your MMO playstyle track with your age and gender in line with these stats?

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