WildStar brings back Shade’s Eve, plans November Redmoon Mutiny update

Listen up.

As Halloween creeps up on us with arms outstretched and claws open wide, WildStar is embracing the return of its spooky Shade’s Eve festival. New toys and rewards join the reappearance of sinister decorations, challenging dungeons, and daily quests in capital cities. Players are also encouraged to dress up and go trick-or-treating for candy on others’ housing plots. Shade’s Eve kicks off on October 19th and will run through November 1st.

WildStar Game Director Chad “Pappy” Moore followed up the Halloween announcement with a tease about the Redmoon Mutiny update coming in November.

“This update will feature phase two of Redmoon Terror, including more bosses, more loot, and the final battle against the insidious Laveka the Dark-Hearted herself. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, Redmoon Mutiny is also bringing some very cool enhancements to WildStar’s grouping mechanics, enabling the creation of cross-faction dungeon and raid groups (along with some tasty social system improvements). We’ll also be adding in-game PvP leaderboards to WildStar with the Redmoon Mutiny update, where both group and individual statistics will be displayed for our PvP players to view and compare themselves against.”

In other non-pumpkin news, the WildStar devs fielded an hour-long livestream in which they showed off some of the new fortune store rewards and the fun of the zPrix hoverboard racing event that’s going on in the game right now. Kick back with a cold one and check it out below.

Source: Dev postWildStar