DC Universe Online is capping off Amazon Fury with a deific battle

Or something, anything, to make me care a little.
The end of DC Universe Online‘s Amazon Fury story is titanic. Ares, the god of war, has betrayed his co-conspirator Hades and teamed up with Circe to take on Zeus himself. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, is hot on the trail of the villains to get her mother’s soul back (and also beat Ares and Circe around the head, because at that point they’re basically freebies). It’s all part of an update containing two eight-person raids, a four-person alert, a duo challenge, a solo mission, new areas, new open-world daily quests… lots of stuff, in other words.

Players will venture into Tartarus to find out what exactly happened to Hades and also onto the slopes of Olympus, visiting locales like Athena’s battlement, Hecate’s workshop, and Dionysus’ wine-and-cheese bar and opium den. (All right, not that last one.) There’s also a new set of Olympian gear inspired by Superman because the Greek pantheon apparently finds the moral adoration of Superman to be hilarious. You can check out more details in the full development livestream, archived just below.