Revelation Online’s closed beta begins October 25; here’s the new trailer

Revelation Online announced this morning that its closed beta will kick off on October 25th and run through November 8th. If you’ve picked up a key from us in the last couple of weeks, that’s when it’ll work. If you haven’t picked up a key yet and don’t want to shell out for a founder pack, stay tuned because we have more to dribble out!

“The Closed Beta will have several stages,” says. “The first stage is more a ‘technical test’ in that the purpose of the beta will be to test Revelation Online’s core systems such as server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services and more to ensure that our core systems are operational, fully functional and able to withstand the stress of many players all logging into the game simultaneously. As a result, you may encounter localization issues, such as Chinese or Russian texts. CBT1 will also take you through the plotline all the way to level 49 and help you prepare for a more serious challenge. Also, during the first stage, access will be open to 3v3 training and ranking arenas, 10v10 battlegrounds, Hot Springs zone, and four dungeons with various difficulty levels: Trial of the Four Kings, Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, and Misty Hollow.”

Check out the closed beta trailer below.


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