Seed the world yourself with Chronicles of Elyria’s influence points


Chronicles of Elyria has a long blog post out today, and while this one is unlikely to generate a flurry of confusion like the last edition, it does dive into the potentially controversial influence point system. Future players generate influence points via “purchasing things in [the] store, positive contributions in [the] forums, tracking down bugs,” and so on. Jeromy “Caspian” Walsh explains how a segment of those points are calculated as “spendable IP” that can be used by players to purchase things to “seed the world”:

“We use the IP store as a way to seed the world with the settlements, guilds, schools, merchants, and crafters of the world. As a result, when the IP store opens, what you’ll find are things that allow us to fulfill those objectives. You’ll find things like parcels of land, starter packs for different roles, animals for breeding, mounts for riding, building patterns for settlements, resources for developing your skills, and even patterns and techniques so you can become a skilled artisan who others will look to when they want to advance themselves.”

Walsh also discusses the launch of the store, the store’s fraud protection, the layaway system, package gifting, the time cost of new “design experience” items, new hires, and the otter bear — don’t mix those last two up. And don’t forget the recap of last week’s panoramic living world trailer. “We’re still a long way out from the release of the game, but the video does show that we’re making progress and the world is gradually coming to life,” Walsh writes.


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