SWTOR is ‘refocusing on group content’

We listen.
Players will be able to start playing Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s next expansion starting next month, but players have a fair number of unanswered questions. Some answers were offered during the game’s most recent meet-up around the New York City Comic-Con, but some of the statements there were pretty vague. Community manager Eric Musco took to the forums to clarify a few questions, including to confirm that the team is ‘refocusing on group content’ for Knights of the Eternal Throne.

Unfortunately for those eager to learn more, players will have to wait until January for accompanying producer streams and revelations about more Operations. Musco also confirmed that nine chapters will be released on the expansions’ early access date, which coincides with the end of the Dark vs. Light event. So you can be sure that more group content is coming, but you can’t learn about the details just yet.