Guild Wars 2 warns of incoming balance adjustments

There are no spoilers in this image.
Will Guild Wars 2 ever attain perfect balance with all of its classes and skills? Probably not, but such is the way of all MMOs. The GW2 skill team posted a note on the forum giving players a heads up about incoming balance changes.

Revenant and Mesmers will a mix of buffs and debuffs to some of their boons. Likewise, Druids will see some pretty big adjustments to one of their core healing spells: “One of the most notable changes being made is to the healing values of the Druid as a primary healer. Base values for the Celestial Avatar heals will be reduced, while the healing power contribution will be enhanced significantly. The reasoning for these changes is that while we are excited about the Druid being an incredibly strong healer, we would also like to see that role as one of many choices in your attribute build.”

There was no time frame given for the changes, but the tone of the post indicated that they would be coming soon. The skills team said that it wanted to warn players of these adjustments to prepare for their arrival.

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