RIFT reaps the Autumn Harvest

Mixing the best of Halloween and fall together, RIFT’s Autumn Harvest is back for another spin through October. Players can return to the Realm of the Fae to perform various activities (including hoovering up lots of artifacts), fight seasonal rifts that are popping up all over the world, and advancing through a new minion quest chain.

If you’re willing to drop some money on the game, there are plenty of ghoulish goodies to be had from the store. Adventurers can saddle up on the Necro Budgie mount, throw on macabre outfits, pick up frightening weapons, and even equip some non-functional wings.

RiftGrate has a great guide┬áthat should still work fine for much of this year’s Autumn Harvest. The holiday will run through November 3rd.

Source: RIFT
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