The Daily Grind: Will Blizzard announce vanilla WoW servers at BlizzCon 2016?

Are we doing the time warp?

BlizzCon kicks off in just a few short weeks, and already expectations are high. Unsubstantiated Diablo 4 rumors have begun circulating, and the Nostalrius folks, who’ve famously led the push for vanilla World of Warcraft servers, have all but issued demands.

“This is the golden occasion for them to announce their plan for legacy realms, and potentially fulfill the dreams of millions of fans over the world,” the team wrote last week. “According to the discussion we had since our official meeting at their headquarters, they now have everything in their hands to fulfill the large community request for Legacy servers, solving all the previous technical issues they highlighted during the feedback they provided. As a consequence, if Blizzard doesn’t make an announcement to honour their own core values, be sure that we will. In the end, pleasing the community is the ONLY thing which should matter.”

What do you anticipate we’ll see out of the event this year?¬†Will Blizzard announce vanilla WoW servers at BlizzCon 2016?

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