The Secret World inspires a new hacking simulation game NITE Team 4


If you think a story-driven military hacking simulation game sounds right up The Secret World’s alley, you’d be correct. In this case, TSW is the inspiration behind a new game being developed by Alice & Smith, a Canadian game studio. Called¬†NITE Team 4, the game will explore the world of cyberwarfare. It is expected to launch on Steam for PC and Mac in early 2017.

But inspiration is not where the connection ends. Alice & Smith and Funcom, which have worked together in the past (remember the ARGs Gate 33, End of Days, and The Black Watchmen?), are collaborating together on cross-promotional tie-ins. Everyone in TSW will get a NITE Team 4 military-style backpack gear for free, and those who own both games will get limited-edition NITE Team 4 uniforms. On top of that, TSW will get a new hacking mission in game, and both communities can participate in a¬†special cross-universe ARG. During the last Streaming Ones livestream, Game Director Romain Amiel noted that the 2016 Halloween event would be a community mission (ARG?) — could this be it? [Edit: Community Manager Andy Benditt squashed that theory, unless he is just an Illuminati puppet?]

If NITE Team 4 catches your interest, you have the chance to not only support it but also influence the direction of the story itself. Alice & Smith has launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand the game include PVP modules, player malware crafting, mission editors and more. The various stretch goals let players vote on the main story, help build lore, and design key NPCs and factions. To learn more about the game, visit the NITE Team 4 official site.

Source: Press release; Kickstarter

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