We still don’t really know how many people play The Elder Scrolls Online


How many players does The Elder Scrolls Online have? We don’t know — ZeniMax is coy about that. But we do have a better idea of the scale thanks to numbers Bethesda recently released to Polygon as part of its One Tamriel mainstream media blitz. The highlights:

  • ZeniMax confirmed that the ESO playerbase dipped in between the April 2014 launch and the hybrid B2P transition last year.
  • Concurrency following the removalĀ of the mandatory sub with Tamriel Unlimited in the spring of 2015 “tripled.”
  • The console launch was so big — and Bethsoft’s predictions about the playerbase were so low — that “all service completely melted down.”
  • Following the console launch, Bethsoft says, ESO was “approaching over 500,000 people simultaneously on the system” — that’s 235,000 playing concurrently and over 200,000 in queues.
  • The playerbase is almost evenly spread among the PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms, about 30% apiece “give or take.”
Source: Polygon

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