Camelot Unchained homes in on ‘re-abilitation’ effort


Wondering what’s up with Camelot Unchained’s Seattle outfit? “Our team has expanded and will continue to expand in the coming months,” Mark Jacobs tells players today in the weekly update. “More on this coming in the next few weeks.”

There’s more to the update, of course; work on the re-abilitation project progresses (seriously, the word re-abilitation appears 10 times, as it should, since this is why the game’s beta was delayed), plus there’s new art for focus items, maces, spears for all three factions, and most important of all: drinking horns. City State is requesting feedback from early testers as it charges through ability components, armor penetration, consumables, groups, and debuffs. This weekend in particular, testers are asked to pay special attention to the ability system, weapons, rendering, and groups.

On Thursday, members of the dev team sat down for another “Bring Out Your Devs” stream all about — you guessed it — re-abilitation, which is included below.


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